September 20, 2016 | by MediaAlpha

Jornaya Intelligence Available on MediaAlpha

Jornaya Intelligence is now available as a 3rd party data source on MediaAlpha for Advertisers, enabling more informed and impactful media buying for advertisers.

Jornaya Intelligence provides advertisers with consumer-level data that creates smarter business decisions in real-time. Intelligence delivers direct insights on consumer buying journeys by tracking consumer events such as:

  • Number and frequency of sites visited
  • Amount of time spent on a web form
  • Number of fields filled out

MediaAlpha users can access Jornaya Intelligence within the Campaign Management module to enhance targeting or to modify bidding strategies. Incorporating Intelligence into advertising campaigns will help advertisers make better decisions about when and how to bid based upon where a consumer is within the buying journey. Adding these consumer intent insights will help drive higher conversions and lead to better media returns.

The integration of Jornaya Intelligence into the MediaAlpha Platform expands the breadth of advanced data sources available to advertisers to enhance targeting and bidding strategies.

Several leading insurance advertisers are already using Jornaya Intelligence to improve their lead and click campaigns. To learn more about how Jornaya Intelligence can help you, contact us today.