September 13, 2016 | by MediaAlpha

Insurance Provider Exceeds Campain Goals with MediaAlpha

Open enrollment.  Those two words represent a hectic period when medical insurance providers fight for share-of-voice in an extremely competitive market during a very short window of time.

Communicating complex subject matter on multiple topics - (premiums, deadlines, benefits, to list a few) - to vastly different audiences during this time period is quite challenging.  Now more than ever, insurance marketers require more effective campaign management and optimization tools to execute their open enrollment marketing strategies.  

One of the largest health insurance carriers in the United States recognized this need and sought a programmatic bidding solution to effectively target and ultimately convert their prized consumer segments.  MediaAlpha fit the bill.

Dive into our latest case study to learn how this medical insurance provider broadened their audience reach by 25x with MediaAlpha platform, and exceeded campaign performance goals. 

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