May 03, 2016 | by MediaAlpha

Web Monetization Improved with MediaAlpha

It is well known fact that active online shoppers are a highly valuable asset that can be monetized.  By converting existing website traffic into revenue, publishers are not only creating incremental income, they are also building immeasurable brand equity amongst their site users and partners.  And insurance carriers are now taking notice.

They are employing website monetization strategies to improve their customer experience.  Carriers are monetizing insurance shoppers by presenting ad listings for competitors as part of their quote process. These carriers are helping shoppers compare and find the right product more quickly, while also generating substantial incremental revenue.

Esurance is one such carrier and MediaAlpha empowered them to dramatically improve their monetization by 30%!  Our latest case study reviews how our real-time demand management and yield optimization platform helped Esurance maximize yield from its inventory.

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