April 28, 2016 | by MediaAlpha

How to Achieve Greater Advertising ROI

Google, Amazon, and countless apps have made our appetite for the convenience of comparison shopping grow more and more everyday.  If we can't easily price compare and order quickly, we move on.

That's the norm for consumer goods and electronics, but what is the experience for an item more complex like a financial service or auto insurance.  

The comScore 2015 Online Auto Insurance Shopping Report highlights that of consumers who shop for auto insurance, 71% of them did so online. And of those 37.3 million online auto insurance quotes generated, only 3.7 million converted. Why?  Many factors were at play but one stood out amongst the rest - a clunky online experience.

Direct-to-Quote (DTQ), our technology solution for auto insurance advertisers, improves on this consumer experience.  DTQ leverages quote application data to push consumers further down the funnel. With DTQ, consumers only have to enter their insurance application information once to get quotes before they apply and buy.  

Our latest case study details how an national auto insurance carrier benefited from MediaAlpha's Direct-to-Quote to yield more conversions and greater advertising ROI.  More conversions and greater ROI?

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