April 19, 2017 | by MediaAlpha

CASE STUDY: MediaAlpha DSP Improves Lead Conversion by 30%

Inflexible pricing. Lack of control over delivery. Inconsistency across partners. Limited visibility.  

The leads buying process is outdated and it creates real economic costs. For a leading provider of life insurance, it caused 20% waste in their budget, missed opportunities to acquire new customers, and it created an inefficient use of costly call center reps.

These plus many other factors made their leads buying process slow, manual, and highly inefficient.

This carrier sought a solution that would not only improve this process but also expand their buying control to maximize advertising returns. The answer? MediaAlpha for Advertisers. 

The Company approached MediaAlpha to explore the MediaAlpha for Advertisers platform for leads campaign management.  And, after a 1-month performance test, the carrier saw dramatic performance improvements and determined that MediaAlpha for Advertisers was the solution to manage their leads buying campaigns and partners.

Read our case study to learn how this carrier:

  • Increased lead conversions by 30%
  • Reduced acquisition costs by 25% 
  • Improved call center optimization and conversions 
  • Improved operation efficiency by 10-20%. 

Using the MediaAlpha platform to manage all of our lead vendors allows us to become more agile and have full control of our buying. We are able to acquire the right leads and better achieve supply and demand equilibrium with MediaAlpha for Advertisers.

-Marketing Leader, National Life Insurance Carrier

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