December 13, 2016 | by MediaAlpha

Buyer Exchange Brings Real-Time Bidding to Lead Buying

For too many years, lead buyers have lacked access to sophisticated demand-side technology platforms that exist in other sectors of online advertising. As a result, most lead buyers still manage their buying through antiquated, offline methods. Traditional I/O based lead buying suffers from inflexibility and prevents buyers from executing modern approaches. Without the centralized buying platforms commonplace in display and search, lead buyers are also faced with difficult challenges when implementing successful buying strategies and then propagating those strategies across all of their partners.

Fortunately, technology tools now exist to help modernize lead buying. MediaAlpha for Advertisers (MFA) is a real-time, programmatic bidding platform that empowers buyers to more efficiently manage the buying of click, call and lead inventory (vertical search media).

All lead campaigns across every partner can now be consolidated onto the MFA platform. And through a universal set of campaign management and optimization tools, including advanced targeting and bidding controls, campaigns can be optimized all at once.

The buyer exchange deployment within MFA further expands advertiser’s buying control. Advertisers can easily manage direct buying relationships with any publisher or lead aggregator using the buying platform.

In addition, with automated optimization capabilities, and intelligence and insights exposed by real time bidding, the MediaAlpha for Advertisers platform enables lead buyers to buy the right leads, at the right time and at the right price.

Advertisers that consolidate lead buying using the MediaAlpha buyer exchange deployment are experiencing significant benefits in their lead buying programs:

  • Improved conversion rates of 20-30% through smarter and more efficient media buying

  • Superior matching of lead and call flow to call center capacity and operational needs

  • Ability to more easily and effectively deploy 3rd and 1st party data, and lead scoring with a single MediaAlpha integration

The MediaAlpha exchange technology platform has quickly emerged as the leading platform for publishers and advertisers to buy and sell leads in real time:

  • More than 4 million leads per month processed through the platform

  • Over 60 premium lead publishers making their inventory available through the MediaAlpha platform

  • Cumulative volume in excess of 3.2 million sales

  • Over $45 million in leads transacted across 5 verticals since 2015

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