January 31, 2017 | by MediaAlpha

Buy Clicks, Calls, & Leads More Efficiently

Buyers of vertical search media are well-versed with the highly fragmented market that is relatively unsophisticated. Dozens of suppliers deliver different levels of quality, consistency, targeting parameters, and price flexibility.   Under these conditions, operating at scale, profitable, and operationally efficient vertical search media campaigns can be problematic.

For vertical search buyers navigating this landscape, a number of factors make it tough to succeed:

  • Fragmented universe of suppliers
  • Static or inflexible pricing and targeting terms
  • No ability to deploy valuable data or integrate real time signals
  • Limited inventory insights
  • Time consuming processes to unify campaign activity and performance

And, unfortunately, these realities are creating real costs for advertisers:

  • budget is wasted on low converting media because of limited targeting abilities;
  • customer acquisition costs go up because of inflexible and negotiated pricing; and,
  • call center efficiency suffers because of the inability to control lead delivery.

There should be a better and more efficient way. There is - MediaAlpha for Advertisers (MFA).

MFA granular controls to design and test creative, manage budget, develop and refine targeting, and pace order delivery automate the process and improve efficiency. Our open exchange also provides direct visibility into market inventory to buy vertical search more intelligently.  Learn how MFA empowers advertisers to buy the way they want.

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